Announcing: Live From Quarantine Club


Check out!

A project that started as a way to keep up with a daily live show during quarantine, and then morphed into a YouTube player that excels at playlists full of multi-song videos. It lets you shuffle, repeat, set up next songs, and share your current queue order with friends.

Technically, I had fun building it with @xstate/fsm and TypeScript and trying to keep the size as small as possible. I think the CSS is around 3kb and the JS is 22kb. I originally put it together as some spaghetti-code-script-tag-in-html proof-of-concept in a few hours. And then once I started hitting fun race condition bugs and couldn’t easily implement the features I wanted, I had to rewrite it.

You can check it out on GitHub too. The next major thing I need to tackle is OAuth in case it starts hitting the 10k/day YouTube quoata limit. In case that does happen, there are some prebuilt playlists that get refreshed every couple days with a separate API key.