Finding All Your npm v0 Packages


Find all your v0 npm packages.

Lately, there has been some Twitter conversations about semver and v1. Here are some tweets from @izs whose opinion I trust when it comes to matters of packages and versioning.

My Modules

I had 20 or so 0.x.y versioned modules on npm. And all of them had been published using the “0.x escape clause” mentioned above. That was something that I really wanted to change.

The more I thought about it, I wasn’t being a good module citizen. If I publish something to npm, I want it to be as useful as possible to the community, and I want people to be able to use it confidently.

npm 0.x.y Package Finder

But I wanted a way to easily see all my modules that were v0. So I built this.

You should be able to enter your npm username and see a list of all modules that are v0. I recommend taking a look at the project on GitHub (or wherever the issues are) and seeing if there are open issues. If there are, you can make a v1 milestone issue and list the things that you would like to have finished before publishing v1.

Updating to v1

If all you want is a simple one-liner that you can run in any package repo to update it to v1, here you go:

git pull && npm version major && git push && git push --tags && npm publish

I just did that for many of my modules, where I still liked the API and didn’t feel anything needed to be changed. And if I do need to change APIs in the future, well that’s what v2 if for.